Your Journey Guide To St. Lucia

Your Journey Guide To St. Lucia

Enjoyable, nature and adventure multi function place

If you are a beach bum who loves adventure and needs to discover the beauty of the Caribbean, St. Lucia should be your first destination. The island itself has a very rich history which dated back to the early conquests of the Spanish kingdom. Over the centuries, colonizers have switched control of the island from one to another. This made St lucia excursions. Lucia identified to be the Helen of West Indies.

Indeed the island has a charming beauty that has attracted and intrigued vacationers from all around the world. Tourism is in truth one of the largest industries in St. Lucia. There's a tourism spike throughout the summer time where tourists travel to St. Lucia to expertise the attractive beaches and enjoy nature away from the buzz of the city.

Hiking, History and Lovely Views in Pigeon Island St. Lucia

Pigeon Island used to be a real island but is now connected to the mainland by a causeway. Pigeon Island turned a National Park in 1992. It spans forty acres which includes hiking trails that lead to breathtaking panoramic views of the neighboring beaches and islands and ruins of battle rich with history. Fort Rodney and Signal Peak are great for hiking which will reward you of a wonderful view atop these spots. Entrance charge to the Pigeon Island National Park is $5.

You'll be able to go wildlife spotting when you are in St. Lucia. Whale and dolphin watching, seeing leatherback turtles in a close-by island and watching more than a hundred completely different species of birds will make you feel connected to nature.

It's also possible to attempt a zipper line in St. Lucia which will showcase a lush forest with thick canopy of leaves and different species of birds plus a panoramic view of the Caribbean islands.

Beaches, Water Adventure and St. Lucia Resorts and Hotels

You possibly can go swimming and snorkeling along Rodney Bay. Kayaking is one other option if you want to ditch hiking however don't wish to miss the gorgeous view of Pigeon Island. Along Rodney Bay, there are lots of activities when it's tourist season. Volleyball, different beach games and water sports will surely entertain you while you are getting your self a superb tan mendacity on a comfy beach chair. There are many St. Lucia resorts and hotels you can choose from depending in your budget. If you want to experience the perfect, you'll be able to attempt Crystals or Jade Mountain. In case you're on a decent funds, you'll be able to attempt Nature's Paradise or Harmony Suites. If you want to stay long within the island, you could discover a first rate and luxuryable accommodation. A whole lot of honeymooners, families and buddies go to the place so there are specific packages and deals you can take advantage of.

Some Tricks to Get pleasure from Your Journey to St. Lucia:

Book in advance for your accommodation. This will make your journey a lot smoother and more get pleasure fromable when you have a spot to stay and relax.

Convey your beach attire and always remember your sunblock cream.

Neglect about work and different things. It is your time to get pleasure from and unwind.

Carry a camera to seize each second and to take footage of lovely views. Buy a memento. Send your mates some postcards.

Sport an adventurous perspective and just have fun.